Kristen Lamb is a writer. She’s also a lover of the world, and sends love out through her blog found at her webstie: Kristenlamb.org.

Kristen knows how much writers want to just write. But she also knows that we live in a whole new world that revolves around the internet. So she wrote a great book titled We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide To Social Media. In this book, Kristen teaches us about the author’s platform, creating a brand, how to build a blog, and how to get potential readers through social media.

I took a class from her this week and learned tons about how to make my blog work for me. She explains how to get your name at the top of the que on search engines, how to name your blog and what kind of content should be there to encourage readers to visit time and time again.

She also teaches a class called Warrior Writer’s Boot Camp. Sounds tough, huh? According to Kristen, it is. But sometimes we need a strong drill instructor to help us get to the next level–which could mean getting published, or could mean creating a best seller.

Kristen Lamb is a kind, intelligent, experienced writer who is willing to help other writers fulfill their dreams. She believes in making herself accessible, and her blog reader friendly. I have been blessed by her knowledge, her generosity, and her talent, and I hope that all writers will visit her blog and see for themselves how much they need what she has to offer.


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