I think an introduction is in order.  My name is Ryder Islington and I’m an author.  There are dozens of people running around in my head, doing things I’d never do. Some are killers and some are victims. Some are cops and some are criminals.  Some are children and some are adults.  My plan is to introduce you to each of them, to let you learn their back story, their dreams and their problems. I’m sure you will sympathize with some and hate others. None of them are perfect. Just like you and I, even the best of them have their faults.

 I also intend to post book reviews. Some of the books may not be new to the market, but that doesn’t mean you’ve read them. I hope that if you have a book you love, or if you’ve written a book that you’d like to have reviewed, you will contact me. I love to read, and my reviews are not just posted here. They also go to the local newspapers, not to mention the links, etc., on the net.

 My first book is coming out next spring.  I hope to have an approved title within a couple of weeks. I’d love to share the journey with you, especially if you are unpublished or newly published. There are thousands of writers out there just starting out, and even more who have been on the journey for a while but are not yet published. I want to build a community where we are all able to learn from each other.

 I happen to think we should stick together and help each other. I want you to buy my books. And I want to buy yours. I want your reviews on my website and/or blog, my books mentioned on yours, and your books mentioned on mine. I used to be a competitive person, but now I realize that writing puts you in competition only with yourself. 

I’m always open to questions. I believe in sharing knowledge. There’s enough room out there for all of us, and all of our books. There is not enough room for petty jealousies.  I want you to do well, to be published, to be successful. If I can help you, I will. If I can’t, maybe I know someone who can.

 So, let’s kick this sucker off and see what comes of it!  Stay tuned. This is gonna be fun.


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